Fishing and by that we mean lobster fishing which is the main industry. A mostly residential area Saint-Godefroi, is named after its founder Abbot Charles Godefroy Fournier in the middle of the XIX century. It has a nice beach with red sand and a beautiful view of the cliffs of Shigawake and Saint-Godefroi.

Situated in the eastern part of the MRC of Bonaventure Saint-Godefroi covers an area of 64,02km. Occupied by 388 inhabitants (2018).

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Logo ville de Saint-Godefroi

Surface area : 64,02 km²
Population : 388 habitants (2018)
Mayor : M.Genade Grenier

Contact information :
83, route 132 Est
Saint-Godefroi, Qc, G0C 3C0

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