An excellent place for outdoor activities and green spaces. The town of Saint-Alphonse named after Little Belgium in honour of its first settlers who came from Belgium. There is as well, in Saint-Alphonse a wooded area called le Ruisseau Creux. Here you will discover nature at its best.

Also located in the western part of the MRC of Bonaventure but 10 km inwards towards the north Saint-Alphonse covers an area of 112, 34 km and has a population of 707 (2020). The economy of Saint-Alphonse relies mostly on forest, agriculture and recreational activities.

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Surface area : 112,34 km²
Population : 707 inhabitants (2020)
Mayor : Josiane Appleby
Demonym: Belgiquois, oise

Contact information  :
127, rue Principale Est
Saint-Alphonse, Québec  G0C 2V0
418 988-2435

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