Mostly English, the municipality of Cascapedia-Saint-Jules runs along highway 299, and through it runs the Cascapedia River. It possesses magnificent landscapes and a remarkable view of the

Chic Choc Mountains. The captivating history of the legendary Cascapedia runs through the Migmag nation and the descendants of the first settlers.

Cascapedia-Saint-Jules is a choice destination for salmon fishing. It has brought numerous fishers from the United States and Europe.

Situated at the west end of the MRC of Bonaventure, Cascapedia Saint-Jules has an area of 160, 07 km and a population of 737 (2018)

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Logo ville de Cascapédia-Saint-Jules

Surface area : 160,07 km²
Population : 737 habitants (2018)
Mayor : M.Gaétan Boudreau
Gentilé : Cascapédiac, aque

Contact information:
75, Route Gallagher.
Cascapédia-St-Jules, QC. G0C 1T0

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