Since its beginning, Saint-Elzéars vocation is the forestry business.  In 1944, a coop was formed. Another tourist attraction is the Saint-Elzéar Cave. It is over 200,000 years old, has a variety of bones and stalactites.

Located in the central part of the MRC of Bonaventure, Saint-Elzéar covers an area of 206, 47 km and occupied by 440 inhabitants (2020).

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Logo ville de Saint-Elzéar

Surface area : 206,47 km²
Population : 440 habitants (2020)
Mayor : Marie-Louis Bourdages
Demonym : Saint-Elzien, Saint-Elzienne

Contact information :
148, rue Principale, C.P. 40
Saint-Elzéar, Québec  G0C 2W0
418 534-2611

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