With the sea, her river, and her culture, the city of Bonaventure is a living post card. The Bay of Chaleur fully takes her name at this point, temperature wise. The walkway along the coastline gives Bonaventure an added touch. The Bonaventure River being one of the clearest rivers in the world is a great attraction. You can swim, canoe, kayak and fish salmon. All of this combined with a camping site at Beaubassin Beach and the Fauvel Golf Course, gives the tourist an excellent destination for a vacation.

Situated in the central part of the MRC of Bonaventure the city of Bonaventure has an area of 104,88 km occupied by 2690 inhabitants (2020).

It accommodates such services as Adaptation Center, S.A.A.Q., Hydro Quebec, Local employment Center (C.L.E.), Ministry of Culture and Communications (Gaspésie, Magdalen Islands), Regional Environment Council, Regional Public Library Services.

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Surface area : 104,88 km²
Population : 2690 inhabitants (2020)
Mayor : Roch Audet
Official Demonym: Bonaventurien, ienne
Commonly used demonym: Cayen, nne

Contact information :
127, avenue de Louisbourg
Bonaventure, Québec  G0C 1E0
418 534-2313

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