Reception Committee for New Arrivals – SANA

For all immigrants of all ages and newcomers who establish themselves in the MRC of Bonaventure the Reception Committee is there to help make their integration socially, culturally and economically durable.

Newcomers of 18 to 35 years of age, (new Quebecers), are invited to communicate with:

Place aux jeunes Baie-des-Chaleurs/Les Plateaux
418 392-4440

Who is considered a newcomer?

Anyone, native or not from the region, newly established in the MRC of Bonaventure. Those wishing to settle in the MRC will be accompanied in their installation procedures.

Services Offered

The SANA offers their support for the installation procedures, in person or remotly, depending on each newcomer individual needs  :

  • Welcoming at the arrival, familiarization of the area and the MRC, a welcome package and gift.
  • Orientation towards resources and services and the possibility to implicate one self
  • Accompaniment to search for employment and integration in collaboration with different organizations
  • Help in finding housing, schools, health care, day care and others
  • Accompaniment in the administrative papers of immigration (permit and status)
  • Orientation towards French learning and services
  • Intercultural twinning with people firmly implanted in the community.

Reception Activities for Newcomers

The Newcomers Committee invites regularly the newcomers as well as the population to diversified activities (5 to 7 cultural or sportive for the whole family). It helps the newcomers to integrate and meet new people as well as to discover new sectors in the MRC of Bonaventure.

For more information :

The interview programs offer personal and financial aid for people who must displace themselves for a job interview. This interview must be directed to a specialized full time hard to fill job in an enterprise or organization in the Gaspe Peninsula. This allocation may help in part to pay for meals, accommodations and travel expenses.

People interested must make contact with SANA before traveling to verify their admissibility to the program.

For more information : Vivre en Gaspésie / Programme d’aide aux entrevues

The SANA offer help as well to the employers who wish to hire an immigrating person :

  • Orientation towards resources which offer subsidies or grants for salaries
  • Help in integrating the work area
  • Information on the administrative procedures

The population is invited to participate as well in the welcoming of newcomers. Here are a few projects where you can implicate yourself :

  • Twinning inter-culturally with you the community member and the newcomer
  • Accommodating temporarily a newcomer or family so they integrate into the area and culture
  • To chair on the organizing committee

Download the Welcome Guide for Newcomers in the MRC of Bonaventure (in French only)


Contact person

Sophie Stürzer, coordinator
581 357-0122