Reception Committee for New Arrivals – SANA

Settling and facilitating your integration into the MRC of Bonaventure

Building together an ever more welcoming and inclusive community

Services offered to newcomers

Are you newly established in the MRC of Bonaventure or planning to settle there soon?

A team is there for you, ready to support you in your efforts to explore, settle and integrate into the region. Place aux jeunes (PAJ) and the reception service for newcomers (SANA) of the MRC de Bonaventure are waiting for you with open arms!

Their services are free, confidential and personalized:


  • Support in job search
    Assistance in finding housing, child care, health services, etc.
    Information about the region
    Interview Financial Assistance Program
    Exploratory stay (reserved for 18-35 year olds)
    Networking program between immigrants and employers

    Welcome kit
    Orientation towards resources, services and leisure
    Socialization, networking and community discovery activities
    Assistance with administrative immigration procedures
    Referral to francization services
    Intercultural pairing with people well rooted in the community

Whether it is for support in your efforts or simply to receive invitations to socialization and community discovery activities, contact us!


Welcome Service for Newcomers (SANA)
418 534-3993
Facebook: SANAAvignonBonaventure

The Welcome Service for Newcomers (SANA) aims to promote the long-term settlement and social, cultural and economic integration of newcomers, particularly immigrants, who choose the MRC of Bonaventure as their living environment, in addition to work to build an ever more welcoming and inclusive community.


Make way for young people Bonaventure
418 392-4440
Facebook: PAJbdclesplateaux

Place aux jeunes (PAJ) aims to promote the attraction, integration and retention of qualified young people aged 18 to 35 who choose to settle in the MRC of Bonaventure.

Intercultural twinning

Are you from the region or have you been firmly rooted there for some time?

If you would like to contribute to the integration and retention of new immigrant arrivals and live a rich experience in sharing and discovering other cultures, contact the SANA, at the coordinates above, to find out more about the program. intercultural twinning in the MRC of Bonaventure.

Networking between employers and immigrants

Are you an employer looking for labor and would be interested in recruiting an immigrant already established in Quebec?

Contact the SANA, at the coordinates above, to find out more about the Courant Emploi BDC program between immigrants and employers in the MRC of Bonaventure.

Activities of the welcoming committee for newcomers

The welcome committee regularly invites newcomers and the entire population to various activities (5 to 7, cultural or sports activities for the whole family). They facilitate the meeting of new people and the creation of new links that allow you to discover the sector of the MRC of Bonaventure.

For more information : facebook.com/canabonaventure

The interview financial assistance program offers a personalized stay and financial support to people who have to travel for a job interview. This interview must be for a full-time, hard-to-fill, specialized job in a business or organization in Gaspésie. The allowance defrays part of the costs related to travel, accommodation and meals.

Interested persons should contact SANA before coming for the interview to verify their eligibility for the program.

Pour plus d’information : Vivre en Gaspésie / Programme d’aide aux entrevues

The SANA also offers support to employers who wish to hire an immigrant:

Referral to community resources that offer a wage subsidy;
Information on administrative procedures;
Assistance with integration into the workplace.

The population is also invited to participate in welcoming new arrivals. Here are some projects where it is possible to get involved:

Cross-cultural pairing between newcomers and community members;
Temporary host families for a newcomer or a family to allow them to integrate into the environment and culture;
By sitting on the Organizing Committee of the Welcome Committee for Newcomers.

Download the Welcome Guide for Newcomers to the MRC de Bonaventure



Sophie Stürzer, coordonnatrice

Service d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants (SANA) Avignon-Bonaventure  

Téléphone : 581 887 5888

Courriel : cjeavbo.org